Skinny Up The Green Natural Way ; Slimming Green Tea

Are You Ready to Lose Weight? Available in South Africa only 

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 SKINNY UP – 60 CAPSULES – R250.00

Are you ready to lose weight the natural way. You have tried just about all the products with no success. I have the proven and tried product for you. 

Why Choose Skinny Up ? Skinny Up is a new weight loss solution. It is proven to reduce your appetite little by little making you digest fewer calories per meal. Skinny Up uses all 7 natural ingredients for successful weight and centimeter loss with no special diet

Even though the product might seem expensive – you will have a saving because you will not be buying junks food or those delicious chocolates.

Ingredients: COIX SEED – alleviates digestion problems, abdominal bloating, constipation and diarrhoea. LOTUS LEAF – stimulant to increase weight loss and suppresses appetite. HAWTHORN – support heart health and help lower blood pressure. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. KELP – regulating metabolism and body temperature sheds water and toxins in the body system. TUCAHOE – regulate serotonin levels and helps to prevent water retention. LOTUS SEED – increases metabolism and burns calories and reduces body fat. HONEYSUCKLE – reduces and regulates blood sugar which assists with your weight loss.

What is Skinny Up? Listed below are information about Skinny Up which are proven to help you in many ways: 1. Help lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and eating appetite. 2. Boost metabolism; 3. Burning calories; 4. Give your body more energy; 5. Detoxes your body; 6. Suppresses appetite 7. Its non-addictive 8. It may reduce swollen ankles

GREEN BODY SLIMMING TEA (15 tea bags) – R60.00

SLIMMING TEA PIC   Drinking Green Body Slimming Tea gives you an abundance of natural benefits. It’s good for cleansing and detoxing, and it also provides a refreshing and tasty drink when you need a bit of time-out in your busy day. Our Slimming Tea provides you with a natural and organic way to break down fat and reduce weight whilst improving your general health. The tea accelerates your metabolism and increases your energy to lose weight and a sure way to lose fat and melt your stubborn belly fat ! Contact Marieta 0824519188 any time  OR Elna 0845504664 after office hours “whatsup”  or SMS any time.   pic 10mountainbike couple outdoors

What others are saying.

 Hi !

I started using Skinny Up on 1 October 2014. I have lost 14kg after using the product for 6 months without changing my diet or exercising more than my usual twice a week. The capsules took away my cravings and also made me thirsty which made me drink more water.    I started believing in these ancient Chinese mixtures of herbs and started to market and sell the products to an ever growing number of clients.  Each pill has its own place and success story. I have a cup of the Skinny-Up Slimming Tea every morning and afternoon.  I believe that it helps with the weight loss process and it helped me with my swollen ankles.  There are a wide variety of Chinese slimming products on the market.  I pride myself on the fact that every one of the products that I sell has either been used by me, my friends, family or clients for some time with only positive feedback. Marieta Dekker

Almal gons oor hoe maer ons geword het, ek en my dogter. Ek was morbidly obese, aangesluit by Curves. In 13 mde 40 kg verloor. Lank stilgestaan op plato, tot ek met Skinny Up begin het. My man het 17kg opgetel nadat hy ophou rook het, het hom ook nou daarop. Hy het al amper 5kg afgeval. Ek gebruik nou Skinny Up vir 2 maande en het al 12kg verloor, dis ‘n fantastiese produk ! Ida de Beer (083 400 9876) Skinny Up is die 1ste dieet produk (en glo my ek was al op vele), waar ek sonder enige moeite gewig op verloor het! Ek het 7kg in 2 maande verloor. Dankie aan die Skinny Up span, dis ‘n puik produk !  Annelien Liebenberg (071 561 6576)

Hi my name is June, I started using the Skinny Up pills since the middle of December 2013. I was introduced to these pills by a friend and was sceptic at first as there is not a diet programme that I haven’t tried before but as the friend only had positive results from using Skinny Up, I thought I should also try. Being on a diet always made me feel like I was getting out of a sick bed and when I started eating normal again (old habits) I of course would put the weight on again. So I started with Skinny Up, and currently am still using them. I did not go on a diet at all, still had my chocolate, cake, whatever I was feeling like and I have up to date lost 20kg. If I did have to diet I would certainly have lost more kilos, but I didnt want to feel that I was on a diet again. These pills take your appetite away, instead of eating a whole slab of chocolate I would eat like 2 little blocks not because I was afraid to eat the whole slab but because I didn’t feel like eating it. I did drink a lot of water and diet drinks like Coke Zero and Tab as these pills dry your mouth so that you’d rather drink something than eating. I take them first thing in the morning and have had no side effects. I had high blood pressure but was not on medical treatment for it and I have taken my blood pressure while using these pills and my blood pressure was normal. My clothes size has dropped 2-3 sizes smaller and I find myself having to get a complete new wardrobe as I have lost weight without dieting for the first time in my life. I will recommend these pills to anyone who wants to lose weight. I have actually introduced these pills to friends and family and all are losing weight. Skinny Up greetings June Stieler (082 550 3357)