Snail Gel for Wrinkles, Acne Scars, Blemishes, and Stretch Marks

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For the very first time Khoisan Healing Clay and Snail Gel (Allantoin) is combined to heal, rejuvenate and detox your skin.


Never before has a combination of two independently good substances like Khoisan Healing Clay and Snail Gel been used together. Both products are part of ancient knowledge and can not be patented by pharmaceutical or cosmetic companies.

100% Organic, 100% You.

Over time mankind has tested both substances by using both internally and externally.
Both products are proven effective on their own with no harmful side effects.
Yes, perfect to detox your sensitive skin and many other ailments.

The active ingredients in both are used extensively in modern medicine pharmacology and cosmetics and regarded as generally safe for human consumption.

On the one hand the clay is amazing at sorting out a whole myriad of ailments effecting the skin including our dreaded aging. Snail Gel Clay on the other has proven it’s worth by combating age related sun damage and it’s miraculous effects on scar tissue.

Allantoin, the active ingredient in Snail Gel has taken the world by storm in recent years, been used as a very effective anti-aging substance. In ancient times it has been recorded as a cure for sore throats, skin damage and other ailments.

It is said that Snail Gel was rediscovered in recent times by farm laborers working with snails for the food industry. The workers noticed the effect the snail slime had on their hands, and the rest is now history.

Mountain City Organics started exploring the power in the snail gel because part of it’s client base made the request for a organic product that did not harm the snails.

At the time it was not our intention to mix the khoisan healing clay and the snail gel, however, it happened. The results of the combination of the two astounded us at Mountain City Organics. After using and sharing the product with friends and clients on a sample basis it was concluded that all those who used it experienced amazing results.

“The clay was excellent on it’s own as was the snail gel, but together the results are at the next level.”

This product is new to the market, it has never been used together before. After *four weeks of use and no side effects the product fixes acne, acne scars, wrinkles and retains the results for longer. Everyone that uses the product wants more and are dedicated to using it.

*Use daily, keeping it on as long as possible.
P. S. Please take a picture of your skin/ailment before you start your therapy, and then take pictures regularly for four weeks, 2 months and so on. It’s always good to start a photo diary to compare later.